Minor Radiation Spill

DIAL 760-750-4502 or 911 (FROM CAMPUS PHONES) after business hours for Radioactive Emergencies

  1. Stop what you are doing and stay in the immediate area.  
  2. Assume  that you are contaminated and must use all precautions to refrain from spreading the contamination.  
  3. Check for  contamination on your skin, clothing, and shoes with the appropriate monitoring device.  
  4. Inform others in the immediate area of the spill.  
  5. Notify your supervisor and consult with RM&S at 760-750-4502  or after hours dial 9-911.  
  6. Place absorbent material on the spill wearing the appropriate PPE (lab-coat, gloves and safety glasses)  
  7. Monitor and survey the area.  If contaminated Label  the area with "CAUTION Radioactive Material" tape or signage.  
  8. Restrict individuals from entering or leaving the area