Find out how to qualify and apply for funding from Risk Management and Safety (RM&S) to purchase ergonomically-designed products.

This initiative was created to address the increasing incidence of computer-use related injuries in the office environments. RM&S has developed an ergonomics program involving awareness training, workstation evaluation, and campus consultation services. To qualify and apply for funding of ergonomically-designed and recommended products follow the directions below.

This program is intended for campus-funded employees who have completed ergonomic training, a self-evaluation and an RM&S Evaluation. RM&S will accept applications from managers or their delegated authority. The program is not available to managers of Auxiliary programs. For more information regarding the purpose and implementation of this program as well as frequently asked questions, please review the Purpose and FAQ Reference Sheet.

Funding amounts are based on availability of funds until April 15th of each Fiscal Year and are according to the scale below:

Total Purchase Funding per Employee & per Item
$100 - $200 $75
$201 - $300 $150
$301 - $400 $200
$400 - greater $300


Follow the steps below to qualify and apply (click on each step for more information):


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E R F step 3E R F Step 4E R F Step 5

Questions? Check out the Purpose and FAQ Reference Sheet or contact RM&S at 760-750-4502  or