Risk Management Annual Report

The Risk Management Annual Report is a collection of relevant Risk Management Program data that is produced annually as a Risk Management Program evaluation tool for the President per Executive Order 715 and the campus Risk Management Policy and Procedure.  It serves as a tool for managers to assess the nature and extent of common University exposures and to provide insight into loss control and prevention programs which can assist managers in mitigating those exposures.

The Risk Managment Annual Report format is as follows:

  • Demonstrates Risk Management's mission, vision and goals as aligned with University objectives.
  • Defines the University's “Cost of Risk”.
  • Compares the Campus’ costs to CSU System-wide costs.
  • Defines how campus payroll and campus claims affect the campus premium.
  • Defines the campus’ CSURMA self-insured and pooled insurance products.
  • Highlights Risk Management's program accomplishments in the preceeding fiscal year.
  • Projects Risk Management's concerns for the future.
  • Commits to Risk Management’s program objectives in the upcoming fiscal year.

If you have any questions, please contact Risk Management and Safety at (760)750-4502

Annual Reports/Graphs:

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