Title of Book
Sax's Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials Richard J. Lewis, Sr.
Laboratory Design
Guidelines for Health and Safety Considerations
DiBerardinis, Baum, First, Gatwood, Groden, Seth.
Laboratory Health and Safety Handbook, 2nd ed. R. Scott Stricoff
Douglas B. Walters
Condensed Chemical Dictionary
Richard J. Lewis, Sr.
The Merck Index
Encyclopedia of Chemicals Drugs and Biologicals, 12th Edition
Merck Research Laboratories
Basic Radiation Protection Technology
Theory, Instrumentation, Operations
Daniel A. Gollnick
Handbook of Radioactive Nuclides Yen Wang, M.D., D.Sc. (Med)
Fire Protection Handbook, 17th Edition Arthur E. Cote, P.E.,   Editor in Chief
Prudent Practices in the Laboratory National Research Council
Chemical Health and Safety Robert J. Allaimo
The Artist's Complete Health and Safety Guide Monona Rossol
Automatic Sprinkler Systems Milosh T. Puchovsky, P.E.
California Disabled Accessibility Guide Book Michael P. Gibbens
Computers and Visual Stress Edward C. Gooding, O.D.
Control of Communicable Disease Manual James Chin
CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics David R. Lide
Environmental Engineering and Sanitation Joseph A. Salvato
Fire Protection Handbook Arthur E. Cote, P.E.
Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code Robert P. Benedetti
Hazardous Chemicals Desk Reference Richard J. Lewis, SR
Industrial Building Code International Code Council
Life Safety Code Handbook Ron Cote, P.E.
LSA LSA Associates, Inc.
NFPA 101 Life Safety Code Natural Fire Protections Association
Occupational Health and Safety Larry Mandel
Seismic Safety and Disaster Readiness (Audit) Larry Mandel
The Merck Index Continental Edition