All employees at CSUSM are encouraged to request an ergonomic evaluation/ assessment of their workstation area and related equipment. To request your evaluation send an e-mail, with a brief statement on any present work related  issues as appropriate, to the Program Administrator Nick Tollison.

If equipment has been received and requires adjustment or placement, contact the RM&S department at Craven 4700. If you have questions regarding ergonomics please contact RM&S at Ext. 4502.

Ergonomics in the Office General Information

Ergonomics Tips 

Ergonomics for Computers

Ergonomic Equipment and Tools: Guidance Documents

  • General Specification- Under Construction
  • Band/Model Specification - Under Construction
  • Training

Ergonomic Resource Fund Program

  • Opens September 9th, 2014
  • For further information contact (760) 750 - 4502

Contact Information
RM&S is located in Craven Hall 4700

Program Administrator
Nick Tollison

Administrative Assistant
Heather Zarnesky