Vivarium Use and Safety:

California State University San Marcos has responsibility for the care and use of live, non-human vertebrate animals involved in research, research training, experimentation, biological testing, teaching, and related activities. All personnel that work with laboratory animals must take animal handlers training. This is a required training that provides the user basic understanding of the potential of developing laboratory animal allergies and how to protect yourself. Before entering the vivarium, it is important that permission required before entering. Individuals who have had recent exposures to wild rodents, pet rodents or other pets cannot enter the Vivarium until proper quarantine measures have been taken to prevent potential disease transmission.

Access to Laboratories & Potentially Hazardous Areas (including minors):

Access restrictions to certain areas of the campus are necessary to insure the health and safety of students, faculty, staff, visitors and minors. CSUSM has a campus Policy and Procedures that has been developed to assist employees who are responsible for activities in these  areas. These procedures help maintain a safe and academically productive environment.


Teaching Laboratory Animal Allergy Training

CSUSM Policy - Access to Laboratories & Potentially Hazardous Areas

CSUSM Policy - Humane Care and Use of Animals Policy