Presentations & Trainings

Preventing sexual assault and domestic violence starts with education. It is not enough to simply tell women to be afraid of the dark. Stopping gender violence requires holistic education that examines root causes and personal empowerment. The Gender Equity Center provides this education - free of charge - to the CSUSM community.

We are happy to present to academic classrooms, facilitate group workshops, and offer hands-on training to students and professionals. Below are descriptions of some of the topics we can cover. However, we are always happy to accommodate you and personalize the training to meet your needs.

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Domestic Violence/Relationship Abuse 101

This training provides an introduction to the dynamics of domestic/relationship abuse, such as power and control, the cycle of violence, and barriers to leaving and reporting. Also covered are statistics, warning signs, and how to help. This training is offered from a social justice perspective, which includes how domestic violence/relationship abuse affects diverse groups such as immigrants, women of color, LGBT people and teens. It also includes a discussion of the ways our culture perpetuates a system of gendered violence.

College Sexual Assault: Intervention & Prevention

This training provides an introduction to sexual violence and abuse, with a particular focus on intimate-partner sexual abuse and sexual violence in college. Provided within a social justice context, this training explores how gender roles, "rape culture", classism, racism, and sexism are connected to sexual violence and abuse. Participants will leave with a greater understanding of intervention and prevention strategies, as well as tips for helping student sexual assault survivors.

Portrayals of Gender in the Media

Using popular American films, TV, music and magazines, this workshop uncovers the stereotypes and hidden biases of women and people of diverse genders in the media. Participants will explore how these portrayals affect people of all genders, question the role of media in the formation of our identities, and discuss how these images contribute to a "rape culture."

Breaking Down the Gender Binary

What is the difference between sex and gender? How do we learn to perform our gender? Is it something we are born with or something we can play with throughout our lives? How does gender identity and sexual orientation intersect...or not? These are just some of the questions that will be explored in this interactive workshop, which pushes participants to examine their relationship and understanding of their own and other's gender identities.

Clothesline Project: Tee-Shirt Making Workshop

The Clothesline Project is a visual display that bears witness to the affects of sexual and domestic violence. This hands-on workshop provides basic information about domestic violence and sexual assault by telling personal stories of survivors. Participants will have an opportunity to create a tee-shirt for the Women's Center Clothesline Project, which is displayed throughout the campus and North County community. This workshop is best for groups of 10 or fewer who have already established trust with one another.