Disc Golf 101

CSUSM’s Disc Golf Course was introduced to Staff on Wednesday, October 13th from 12:00—1:00pm.

Disk golf is not just for the pro’s, it’s for you too!

We enjoyed a relaxed and fun introduction to the campus’ new course starting at the Focus Sculpture (in Craven Circle) at Hole 9 and moving to Library Plaza, near Hole 16. Hugo Lecomte from Campus Rec and Allen Risley from IPA were on hand to lead the way through the course. Even though most of us were beginners, the knowledgable players showed us the ropes and we all had a blast!

 Fun with SAND Bonnie Mottola (SAND), Hugo Lecomte (Campus Rec), and Melissa Collins (SAND) had an awesome time disc golfing!
Disc Golf 101 Meeting place at Focus Sculpture
 Disc Golf 101 Craig Curtis, Cherie Blut, Melissa Collins (SAND), Allen Risley, and Kevin Kilpatrick start at the 9th hole.
 Disc Golf 101 Allen Risley shows Cherie Blut how to throw the disc correctly :)
 Disc Golf 101 STAFF, Alan Miles, Craig Curtis, and Gregory Wilson hang out at our first hole.
 Disc Golf 101 STAFF, Craig Curtis, STAFF, and Kevin Kilpatrick stare at the beginner golfers trying to figure the game out.
 Disc Golf 101 Kevin Kilpatrick and Leo Melena enjoy the awning shade and share in the social fun of Disc Golfing 101
 Disc Golf 101 Heather Zarnesky, Hugo Lecomte, Cherie Blut, and Allen Risley golf it up!
 Disc Golf 101 Allen Risley gives us all the benefit of years of experience with disc golf. Great instructor! He said if we ever want to bother him to play a competitive round of disc golf we are welcome to!
 Disc Golf 101 Craig Curtis got a nice throw on the 11th hole.
 Disc Golf 101 Lisa Bandong brought her own disks and puts them to use, showing Maureen Dupont and Craig Curtis.
 Disc Golf 101 Alan Miles, Cherie Blut, and STAFF have a ton of fun trying to peg the camera person.
If you are one of the people un-named in these images or know the un-named person(s) please tell us! Email to Sally at sserrin@csusm.edu. Thank you!