President's Staff Forum

The President invited campus staff to participate in a Staff Open Forum on Tuesday, April 19 from Noon to 12:50 p.m. in the President’s Boardroom (CRA 5302)

Staff were also invited to submit questions for the forum via an online form. Questions were asked by SAND members during the forum and other staff who were present also asked questions.

The below memo was sent to SAND on Monday, June 20, 2011 at 7:08 PM from Scott Gross, SAND’s liaison to the President:


DATE: June 15, 2011
TO: Members of the SAND Committee
FROM: Dr. Karen S. Haynes, President
SUBJECT: Response to Staff Open Forum Questions/Comments

At the April 19th Staff Open Forum, employees shared concerns regarding reduced level of staffing since 2008 and the status of centralized funding pools for in range progressions and professional development opportunities. My response to each of these concerns is outlined below.

Staff Employee Levels

In reviewing personnel data as of April 1, 2008, our campus had 449 staff employees compared to April 1, 2011, in which there were 443 staff positions.

As you know, our campus has faced tremendous budget challenges over the last three years, as we have worked diligently to meet the budget reductions with a focus on preserving jobs, serving students and building for the future. During this time, several vacant positions were left unfilled and eliminated through attrition. Despite the challenging financial circumstances, we recognize the need to add staff positions in order to advance the strategic priorities of the University. As of June 1, 2011, I am pleased to report that we have 25 open staff recruitments. Out of the 25 positions, 15 are recruitments to replace current staff, which have left the university or moved into another position on campus, and the remaining 10 positions are recruitments for newly created roles across the campus.

Central Funding Pool for In Range Progressions

In 2008, the University Budget Committee made a recommendation to me requesting consideration for establishing a central pool of funds for in range progressions if and when the budget could support such funding. I and my Executive Council consider this request on an annual basis and will do the same for next year once the budget picture comes into clearer focus.

Central Funding Pool for Staff Professional Development

When the campus received its budget allocation for this year in October 2010, I set aside $100,000 to be allocated for staff professional development opportunities. I have directed Human Resources and Equal Opportunity to recommend a process for the submission and
approval of requests for training and development of staff employees. I expect this process to be finalized over the summer and funds available for consideration starting fall 2011, to be used over the course of the 2011-12 academic year.

I thank you for sharing your concerns with me and the opportunity to hear from our many dedicated and talented staff that supports our campus in so many ways.

Following the forum, President Haynes sent the following message to staff on Monday, April 25, 2011:

I always look forward to hearing from staff about their experiences as employees as well as their questions about our work as a university. 

I also want to acknowledge that I heard the concerns raised by staff.  And, please know I appreciate the questions many of the staff asked.  I have made notes about specific questions, including:

  • numbers of staff positions compared to 2008 and update on current/new searches
  • status of a central IRP pool
  • status of the professional development allocation for staff

I will find the answers to these questions and follow up with you when I have this data although it may be after our commencement.  Please feel free to circulate this email.

Thanks again for your hard work and dedication.

Karen S. Haynes, Ph.D.
Cal State San Marcos
San Marcos, CA  92096-0001