Wear Anything But White

Summer 2012 Ice Cream Social

On Wednesday, August 15th at 1 PM inside the Dome we thoroughly enjoyed Vanilla, Cookies & Cream*, Strawberry, and Butter Pecan* ice cream with a ton of cookie bits, chocolate sauce, nuts, strawberry sauce, heath bits, sprinkles, carmel sauce, whipped cream, and cherries!

We used plenty of napkins to mop ourselves up, afterwhich more than 2 dozen folks took advantage of our photographer & backdrop and got some staff-awesome pictures (posted below).

Alvarez and Villanueva on the Beach Franklin on the Moon
Killion, Muse, Lopez, Montaro with Ice Cream McWilliams and Crawford on the Beach
Mendez and Mendez with Ice Cream Baida on the Beach
Baldyga and Risley in the Trees Franklin in Scifi
Hebert, Alvarez and Villanueva sitting on the Beach Lopez, Muse, Eberwien and Ice Cream
McWilliams and Schmeltzer with Ice Cream McWilliams and Whittemore on the Beach
McWilliams, Franklin, Rivera Jumping in the Trees McWilliams, Harper, and Mendez in the Trees
Baida and Franklin in the Snow McWilliams, Harper, and Mendez in the Trees
Plemmons and Belt on the Beach Robbins, Koen, Huerta and Ice Cream
Schmeltzer and Herbert in the Trees Care, Paredes, Comerchero in the Snow
Collins, Killion, Divis and Ice Cream Decoux, Sandmann, Gordon on the Slopes
Dupont and Friends on the Beach Fleming and McWilliams in the Snow

NOTE: We told everyone they didn't have to drench themselves in ice cream like a 5 year old, but given these are the last days of the summer plenty of us came to the conclusion that it was the perfect thing to do!