Staff Appreciation

SAND Presents CSUSM Outstanding!

Let SAND help you deliver a personalized thank you to a fellow staff member for a job well done, their friendliness, or their hard work.

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The Staff Appreciation Program was established so that our fellow employees could be recognized for their outstanding contributions.  Please keep in mind the following concepts:
  • All University Staff, full or part-time, are eligible
  • Nominator’s names can be completely confidential
  • The SAND Committee Members are responsible for following-up on all the honorees

Below are just a few of the characteristics an honoree can be thanked for (it is not mandatory to address all of these categories and by all means, please create your own when describing your honoree):

  • Enthusiasm
  • Customer Service
  • Initiative
  • Team-Player
  • Reliability
  • Consideration
  • Cooperation
  • Energy
  • Timeliness