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Student Academic Support Services

Welcome to Student Academic Support Services (SASS)

SASS consists of nine diverse units with one goal in common:  to retain and graduate CSUSM students.  The SASS team guides students through various aspects and stages of their undergraduate career.  Our comprehensive services include, but are not limited to: preparation for college, academic and career advising, academic coaching, tutoring, testing, community building, and mentoring.  These services are called “high impact practices,” and focus on helping students create meaningful & engaging college experiences both inside and outside of the classroom.  According to research on college persistence and integration, engaging college experiences not only increases students’ commitment to the institution but also their motivation and dedication to their academic and career goals.

Although diverse in their areas of focus, all of the eight units within SASS are passionately committed to the common goal of assisting and preparing well-rounded CSUSM graduates!

Student Academic Support Services is located in CRA 3600 and can be reached at 760.750.6050.