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Org Charts

Student Academic Support Services

  • Lorena Checa, Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Geoffrey Gilmore, Associate Vice President
      • Emilia Medina, Administrative Support
      • Angelina Gutierrez, Administrative Analyst/Specialist

Center Directors:

  • Pam Wells, Career Center
  • Heather Northway, TRIO Support Services
  • Jim Mickleson, ACE Scholars Services
  • Andres Favela, EOP
  • David McMartin, Undergraduate Advising Services
  • Maria Mendoza-Bautista, Latin@ Center
  • Patricia Reily, Veteran's Center
  • Justin Lewis, Readiness & Success Services
  • Anthony Jett, Black Student Center
sass org chart

Black Student Center

  • Geoffrey Gilmore, Associate VIce President
      • Anthony Jett, Sr., Associate Director
          • Student Assistants
black student center org chart

Latin@ Center

  • Geoffrey Gilmore, Associate VIce President
      • Andres Favela Associate Director
          • Angelica Ulloa, Graduate Student Assistant
              • Peer Coaches
latino center org chart 

TRIO Student Support Services

  • Heather Nortway, Director
      • Perla Rivas, Counselor
      • Margaret Nuttall,Program Specialist and Academic Specialist
          • Ariel Lopez, Student Assistant
          • Erika Meartinez, Student Assistant
trio org chart

Educational Opportunity Program

  • Andres Favela, EOP Director
      • Norma Larios, EOP Director MPP I
          • Brenda Corral, Retention Counselor SSPII
          • Bianca Rodriguez, Retention Counselor SSPII
      • Marilyn Ferri, Receptionists/Support Staff ASA II
          • Jessica Garcia De Paz, Retention Counselor SSPII
          • Michael Lewis, Retention Counselor SSPII
          • Francidco Checa, Retention Counselor SSPII
eop org chart

Careers Center

  • Pamela Wells, Director
      • Priscilla Brito, Administrative Support Assistant
      • Diana Sanchez, Associate Director
          • Erica Cullwell, Technology Coordinator
      • Lisa Punelli, Career Counselor, Karin Iwasaka, Career Counselor, Joshua Galeai, Career Counselor
      • Heather Starr, Career Counselor
      • Monica Gillie, Student Services Counselor
          • Student Assistants and Career Peers
      • Brenda Dumas, Recruiting and Events Coordinator
          • Social Media Marketing Intern
      • Mine Her, Emloyer Relations Specailist
career center org chart

Veteran's Services

  • Patricia Reily, Veterans Services Director
      • Vicki Hernandez, Assistant Director
      • Ericka Korb, ESTEP Coordinator and Professional Development
          • Priscilla Juan, ESTEP Outreach and Social Media
          • Jamie Rangel, ESTEP Management Intern
          • Moses Maddox, Veterans Retention Counselor
              • Peer Mentors (6)
      • Richard Charron, Military and Veterans Coordinator and School Certifier for EL
          • EL Student Work Study
Content hereveterans center org chart

Undergraduate Advising Services for CHABSS & CSM

  • David McMartin, Director
      • Domenica Pearl, Associate Director SSP II
          • Silverio Haro, Academic Advisor SSP II
          • Silvia Grover, Academic Advisor SSP II
          • Kimberlee Prince, Academic Advisor SSP II
          • Teri Renner, Academic Advisor SSP II
          • Chrystal Hady, Academic Advisor SSP II
          • Cindy Yumiko Harper, Academic Advisor SSP II
          • Benita Flores, Academic Advisor SSP II
          • Renae Scott, Academic Advisor SSP II
          • Colette Magoon, Academic Advisor SSP II
  • Priscilla Brito, ASA II
uas org chart


ACE Scholar Services

  • Geoffrey Gilmore, Associate Vice President
      • Jim Mickelson, Director
          • Leigh Quijada, Coordinator/Counselor
              • Student Receptionists
          • Laurie Orr, LCSW Counselor
          • Julieana Corona, Program Support Coordinator
ace org chart

Readiness and Success Services

  • Geoffrey Gilmore, Associate Vice President
      • Justin Lewis, Director
          • Kheng Waiche, Assistant Director
              • Valerie Zambrano, EPT/ELM Proficiency Specialist
              • Jeanette Espinoza, Early Start Coordinator
          • Mae Talicuran, Student Academic Success Coordinator
              • Rosa Palacios, PASS Sounselor
readiness and success services org chart