Spring Elections 2014

This website will NOT be updated regularly throughout the election period as it has been in years past.  Please monitor your email for update notices concerning the elections.

The  spring Academic Senate elections are held annually.  Faculty run for and are elected to seats on the Academic Senate, the Senate's 10 standing committees, and a handful of other university committees whose bylaws specify that faculty seats are to be filled via the Senate election process.

  • Open seats - tenure track & lecturer (for meeting times, see the "Acronyms & committee meeting schedules" section in the lower half of the page)

  • Other committees with elected members:

    • Faculty Awards Selection Committee (FASC) - 1 yr term (meets early-mid fall)

    • Faculty Center Advisory Council (FCAC) - 2 yr term

    • Faculty Grants Committee (FGC) - 2 yr term:  Workload varies depending on the amount of funding available and the number of submissions received. Depending on funding, there could be one or two calls for proposals in an academic year. The number of proposals reviewed has been as few as 24 proposals to the 44 received in a recent call. The committee meets to prepare the call (1-2 hours), to plan for the evaluations (1 hour), and for the evaluations (6-10 hours + reading time). If there are two calls, this will happen twice a year. Therefore, a committee member might expect to contribute 15-20 hours per semester, mostly in large blocks for evaluations in Oct/Nov and March/April.

  • Senate Standing Cmte descriptions

    Other committees:

    The following committees are not standing committees of the Academic Senate, but their faculty members are elected. The length of term varies.