Payment Plans

Please remember the student must turn in a FERPA release form to the Cashier's office before we can disclose any financial information pertaining to the student's account to you.  The student must bring the FERPA release form, and a picture ID, to sign the form at the Cashier's office (located in Cougar Central Craven Hall 3800).

Please remember that if a student defaults on the payment plan the fee deferment will be removed from the student's account and total fees are immediately due.  If this happens during a enrollment cancellation all the classes may be dropped and the student will have to re-enroll in classes and pay for the classes.

As a courtesy to our students who are unable to pay their tuition in full, and in cooperation with CSU San Marcos, Higher One Tuition Pay offers students and families an interest free, monthly installment payment plan.  For a one time, per term, nonrefundable enrollment fee, students can elect to make up to 3 monthly installment payments payable during the course of the semester.  Students must be registered for the Higher One TuitionPay installment plan 24 hours prior to the published fee payment deadlines in order to avoid disenrollment.  For more details or to register for the plan online:  Tuition Pay Enrollment/Information

This tuition payment plan can be used for any portion or all of the current fees due.  For example the student may be receiving enough financial aid to pay a partial amount of fees.  The student could then set up a payment plan for the remainder of the balance due.

Registration for the payment plan can be done online or via telephone at (800) 635-0120.

Payments for fees that are returned by your bank for any reason will result in penalty charges and may result in disenrollment from classes.

Failure to make two (2) consecutive payments to TuitionPay will result in contract termination, and a hold may be placed on the student account to prevent any further university business including registration and the university may pursue further collection methods.

A student defaulting on the payment of an installment agreement for any semester is not eligible to participate in the program again.

Sallie Mae is a separate company from CSU San Marcos therefore it is important that you have your student identification number when enrolling in these plans.  Once you have successfully enrolled in the Sallie Mae Tuition Pay plan a fee deferment (postponement of fees) will be placed on your account within 24 hours.  This will ensure your classes will not be dropped due to non-payment.  To use this installment payment plan, you must be signed up with SallieMae prior to 4:30pm the day before the enrollment cancellation date so that a fee deferment (postponement of fees) can be placed on your account.  You can verify that the deferment has been placed on your account by checking the Holds section in the top right-hand corner of your Student Center.

There is a non-refundable $25.00 cost, per term, to enroll in the payment plan and, depending on your payment method, convenience fees may apply.

You are responsible to include the total amount that you owe due to the university when signing up for these plans (students who do not sign up for the full amount you will owe may be subject to removal from the Sallie Mae tuition Pay plan which will result in the removal of the fee deferment (remove the postponement of fees therefore the balance will be immediately due) and a financial hold may be placed on your account).  Always check your student center prior to enrolling in your payment plan to ensure that the amount entered is correct.

Contacting Cashiers Office:
Location: Cougar Central, Craven Hall 3800
Phone: (760) 750-4490
Fax: (760) 750-3158