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Collection Process


  • Delinquent student accounts will accrue up to three $15 late fee assessments for every 30 days they have a balance due on their student account.
  • Delinquent student accounts will be sent up to four delinquent notices either by email or mail informing them of a balance due including consequences for not paying.
  • Delinquent students will be referred to a collection agency and the Franchise Tax Board if balance due is not paid 30 days after the Final action notice is sent. Delinquent students that are submitted to collection agencies are also subject to collection related fees.
  • The university cannot take payment for accounts submitted to the collection agency for an attempt to collect liability owed to the university. Please contact the Cashiers office for any exceptions.
  • California Government Codes Sections 12419.5, 12419.9m 12419.10 and 12419.11 authorize the Office of the State Controller to collect money owed to a state agency or an educational institution by intercepting any money that the state owes the debtor. An amount owed to the debtor by the state includes a refund of taxes or state lottery winnings.

Student Accounts Receivable Contact: 
Judy Sandmann
Phone: (760) 750-4495