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Emergency Loans

Emergency Loan Information

Registered students may begin applying for their Emergency Educational Loan Application 10 days before the term begins through add/drop.  Emergency loans are due the fifth week of the term.  The Emergency Loan program is designed to bridge the student until financial aid is received.  Loans for payment of registration fees are not considered to be unanticipated and therefore are not emergencies as defined under this program. Each application is reviewed on a case by case basis.  The Emergency loan form is available online and may be submitted online during emergency loan offerings (approximately 10 days before the beginning of the term).

  • All approved emergency loans will be assessed a $2.00 processing fee per loan.
  • All unpaid emergency loan monies by the posted deadline will be assessed a $40 late fee.
  • Maximum monies available with the Emergency Loan Program is $1000.00 per application, per semester.



  • Be enrolled for current semester in a minimum of six (6) units.
  • Student account must be free of any "financial" and/or "academic" holds.
  • University registration fees must be paid in full for prior and current term.
  • Emergency Loan Application Form  - Emergency loans are available approximately 10 days before the term begins and due approximately 6 weeks after the term has began.
  • Please note:  if you are unable to submit the emergency loan online please print it out and either fax the completed form to (760) 750-3158 or drop it off at the Cashier's office in Cougar Central

Emergency Loan Contact:
Marietta Kimball

(760) 750-4492