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Employee Fee Waivers

Employee Fee Waiver Information

  1.  Portion of fee paid by employee varies by Unit. Refer to HR & EO for Employee Fee Waiver Information.
  2. Portion of fee paid by employee is due by posted payment deadlines for each term in order to avoid course disenrollment.
  3. Portion of fee paid by employee may be NON-REFUNDABLE. Portion of fee will be applied to remainder of fees due.
  4. Employees subject to three (3) late fee assessments if fees are not paid on time.
  5. Fee waiver employees are subject to same delinquent account collection process as any student at CSUSM.

    Waiver and Third Party Contact: 
    Patty Hanks
    Phone: (760) 750-4556
    Fax: (760) 750-3158