Pre-Doctoral Internship

Counseling services offers a full-time internship program for graduate students working toward doctoral degrees in clinical and counseling psychology. We  are a member of the California Psychological Internship Council (CAPIC). Our program provides training and supervised experience in individual, couples, and group psychotherapy, psychological assessment, crisis intervention, consultation, outreach and education. Although clinical services are primarily short-term, all interns are required to carry several longer-term therapy cases. Interns have the opportunity to work with a diverse client population who represent the diagnostic spectrum and present with a wide range of concerns.

Professional Development Goals

  • Training is organized around Professional Development Goals representing five major areas of functioning:
  • Sensitivity to Diversity: Gains competency in adapting assessment and intervention to the client’s culture, psychosocial history, values, and presenting problems.
  • Theoretical/Conceptual Knowledge & Application: Gains knowledge and competency in integrating and applying different theories and models of psychological development, intervention, prevention, and health promotion.
  • Therapeutic Modes: Gains competency in applying basic clinical knowledge and skills in different therapeutic modes (individual, couples/family, group psychotherapy; short-term and long-term psychotherapy).
  • Personal Awareness & Functioning: Strives to identify and address personal issues or concerns that may impact professional functioning.
  • Professional Ethics: Is cognizant of and abides by the legal and ethical guidelines governing the practice of mental health professionals.
  • Professional Conduct: Demonstrates professional conduct and meets professional responsibilities.

These Professional Development Goals are operationalized through required service, supervision, and training activities (see Weekly Activities table below). Interns receive weekly individual and group supervision, and attend a weekly training seminar. Individual testing supervision is also provided when an intern is engaged in psychological testing. All supervision is provided by licensed psychologists.

Interns develop an Individualized Training Plan (ITP), identifying Professional Development Goals that represent areas of special interest or need for more in-depth training, and specific objectives and activities designed to meet these goals.

Weekly Activities


Direct Services (About 30)                                                                                           
Intakes                                                                                       3
Therapy, Testing                                                                         20
Emergency Coverage                                                                    1
Administrative (e.g. charting)                                                         6
Supervision & Training (5 - 7 hours/week)
Individual Supervision                                                                   4
Group Supervision                                                                        
Intake Meeting/Supervision                                                          1.5
Testing Supervision                                                               As Needed
Training Seminar                                                                          3
Outreach and Education                                                                 1
Miscellaneous Administrative Activities
(e.g., staff meetings, scheduling)                                                 2 - 3 

TOTAL: 40-43 hrs per week                                                                                                   

Qualifications: Candidates must be fully enrolled in a doctoral program in clinical or counseling psychology (or related field) and have completed at least 600 hours of supervised practicum.

Time Commitments: The internship begins in mid August and ends in mid July. Interns must be available 40 hours/week. In addition to two weeks vacation, interns will have one week off in late December when the University is closed for the holidays.