Apply for the 2015-2016 Peer Mentoring Program

How will a Peer Mentor benefit me?
The primary purpose of the Peer Mentoring program is to increase the retention rate of first-generation minority and underrepresented college students. Priority consideration is given to students who are the first in their immediate family to attend college. When you have a mentor, you have a person on campus that is looking out for your best interest. This person volunteeres because they believe in you and want you to succeed at CSUSM. Direct benefits to you include: a person to count on, a place to feel at home on campus, and services structured around you and your needs. Additional benefits of being in the Peer Mentoring Program are:

  • A sense of belonging at CSUSM.
  • Understanding the resources available to help you to be successful.
  • Learning how to get involved at CSUSM.
  • Accountability and expectations from your Peer Mentor.
  • Assistance based on the individual needs articulated to Peer Mentors and the staff.

What will it mean to have a Peer Mentor?
Mentors can provide perspective and advice; they can assist you in navigating the university. Having a Peer Mentor is also about you — you must take the first step to apply and then utilize them by tapping into their knowledge, passion, and experience. This program is about commitment to success in college; we ask that you agree to meet with your Peer Mentor, schedule academic advising appointments, and be honest about your experiences on campus.

If accepted into the program, there is a mandatory overnight retreat on campus prior to the start of the Fall semester on July 30-31, 2015. Attendance for the entire retreat is a necessary part of being in the Peer Mentoring program. There is also a commitment to be a part of the program for the entire academic year.

Applications to be a mentee for 2015-2016 Peer Mentoring Program are now closed. Notifications will be sent out by early July about status in the program.