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BS Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that my application was properly received?
Once we have received your application, an email (listing any additional requirements) will be sent to your email address that was listed on the submitted application. 

Do all of the required documents have to be mailed to your office?
No, not all of the required documents have to be mailed to our office. Please see the Apply page for detailed instructions.

How do I confirm that my additional required documents were received besides the application?
You can contact Extended Learning at (760) 750-4020 and inquire.

If I have started my upper division coursework in another major, can I still apply to the SLP Bachelors program?
Yes, you can apply to this program. It is recommended that you make an appointment with an advisor in Extended Learning to evaluate your upper division coursework. Please contact Extended Learning at (760)750-4020 or .

Is the BS SLP program accredited?
No, there is no ASHA accreditation for undergraduate degrees.

Will this Bachelors degree ensure I have satisfied the 2014 ASHA Standards necessary to apply to a Masters Program in SLP?
The degree in combination with the recommended coursework on the GE worksheet will satisfy the 2014 ASHA standards. Consult your advisor prior to the beginning of the program to ensure you have met the requirements.

Is there a clinical or practicum component of this program?
Opportunities for hands on practice will be provided but not required for degree completion.

Who do I work with on my student status/admission at CSUSM if I'm an international student?
All students will work directly with Extended Learning Student Services for these matters. Please see our Advising contact information on our CSUSM page.

Can I use my Veterans Benefits to pay for the program?
Please visit the Extended Learning Military & Veterans Services website about the eligible funding options. You can also visit the campus Veterans Center or reach out directly by phone: (760)750-4827 or email: Unfortunately, these Extended Learning programs, certificates, or courses are not eligible for the Cal Vet Fee Waiver.

How do I request Financial Aid?
Please go to Financial Aid and Scholarships for more details. You can visit the Financial Aid and Scholarship office or call (760) 750-4850 with any questions. At the time of your application, we advise that you complete your FAFSA application.