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Program Costs

Program and Tuition Fees

Note! Fees are based on current CSU fee guidelines. CSU program and tuition fees are subject to change based on CSU Board of Trustees mandates.  Program and tuition fees do not include cost-of-living, books, or additional expenses.

For fall 2014, the cost of tuition is $500.00 per unit.  Tuition for the 60 unit MSW degree is $30,000.  Once enrolled, the cost of your tuition will remain fixed for the duration of your degree program.

In addition to tuition, students pay University fees each semester.  These fees may increase during your degree program.  As of fall 2014, fees cost less than $700.00 per semester.  Please note that your total fee costs will vary depending upon the number of semesters you are enrolled.  (For example, full time students will typically pay fees four times during their program - once for each semester they are enrolled.  Part time students will typically pay fees eight times during their program.)

If you are accepted into this program, you will be asked to pay a non-refundable $150.00 "intent to enroll" fee. This fee will be credited towards your first semester's tuition.

Tuition per Unit $500.00
Additional Fees per Semester: Fall 2014
Academic Records $12.00
Associated Students $50.00
Athletics $100.00
Child Care Services Opt-In $10.00
Health Facilities/Services Opt-In $95.00
EL Technology Fee $25.00
AESS $150.00 ($90.00 AA; $30.00 library; $30.00 Career Center)
Mental Health Opt-In $74.00
Recreation $35.00
Student union $315.00
Extended Learning Application Fee $50.00
CSU Application Fee $55.00
Textbooks and Software $400.00 Approx. per term

You are encouraged to submit your FAFSA application prior to being admitted to the program.  For additional information visit FAFSA on the Web.

Please note:  the Cal Vet Fee Waiver may not be used for this degree program.