Matthew Atherton, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Sociology
California State University, San Marcos
San Marcos, California  92096
Telephone: (760) 750-8571

Dr. Atherton joined the faculty at California State University San Marcos in the fall of 2007. Dr. Atherton is also an alumnus of California State University San Marcos, obtaining a Master’s Degree in Sociological Practice in 2000. He continued his graduate education at The Pennsylvania State University, completing a doctoral degree in Crime Law and Justice in 2005. Dr. Atherton has a wide variety of research interests including: sentencing, Latino/Hispanic outcomes in the criminal justice system and the experiences of first-generation college students. In addition to a varied interest in research, Dr. Atherton has taught a wide range of courses including, quantitative research methods, law enforcement, victimless crime, introduction to sociology, crime films and society and criminological theory.

Recent Publications:

Atherton, Matthew C. “School Vouchers.”  The Encyclopedia of Social Problems, ed. Vincent N. Parrillo, Sage Publications, Inc. (2007)

Atherton, Matthew C. Review of Understanding Police Use of Force: Officers, Suspects, and Reciprocity. By Geoffrey P. Alpert & Roger G Dunham, Contemporary Sociology. (2006)