Sharon Elise, Ph.D.

Professor of Sociology and Department Chair
CSU, San Marcos, San Marcos, California, USA
Telephone: (760) 750-4165

2007-08           Chair, Search Committee for Critical Race Studies position

                        Coordinator, Ethnic Studies Program

                        Coordinator, MA in Sociological Practice

                        CSU San Marcos Representative to Council for Affirmative Action

                        & Board Member, CSUSM Chapter, California Faculty Assoc.


 Fall 07             SOC 313         Race & Ethnic Relations

                        SOC 373         Race, Gender & Work

Spring  08        SOC 313         Race & Ethnic Relations

                        SOC 463         Seminar in White Privilege

                        SOC 467         Critical Race Theory


1990 Ph.D. Sociology, University of Oregon

            Routes to Teenage Motherhood:  African, Native & Euro-Americans

1982    M.S., Sociology, University of Oregon

1975    B.A., History, Third College,    University of California San Diego


2005    “How Whites Play Their rAce Card: Drylongso Stories Reveal ‘the Game,’” Sociological Perspectives, Vol. 47: 4, 45 pages.

1995    Chapter, "Teenaged Mothers:  A Sense of Self." In Female-Headed Households:  African American Women's Perspectives, Editor Bette J. Dickerson,           Sage Press:  Race and Ethnic Relations Series, pp. 53-79.

1994    Chapter, "Women of Color:  In Search of Gender."  In (1994) anthology, Gender:  Multicultural Perspectives, editor Judith Gonzalez, Dubuque, IA:    Kendall-Hunt Publishing Company.

1992    "Spike Lee Constructs the New Black Man:  Mo'Better," (coauthored with Dr. Adewole Umoja).  Western Journal of Black Studies Volume 16 (2).

1992-6 Co-Managing Editor:  Wazo Weusi:  A Journal of Black Thought.  Editorial collective comprised of Black faculty and students at Fresno State     University.  Target audience: Black community members.

            Published Volumes:

                                   Building a Black Agenda

                                   Blacks in the Diaspora

                                   Cuba: Facing Down Imperialism


1995 – present  “Race, Identity, and Community: Blacks in San Diego County.”  Qualitative interviews of a multicultural sample of Black residents  of San Diego County including immigrants from Africa, South America and the Caribbean.  Ongoing project includes continuous  identification of participants, intensive (1-2 hours) interviews, and data analysis.

2006  extended to include representations of Blackness, and explorations of Black race and identity in Latino context.

2003–4  “Black Student Retention Study, CSU San Marcos,”  (principal investigator) with Garry Rolison, for the African American Advisory Council, CSU San Marcos.

2005      Community Research Partners, Trainings in Focus Group Research Methods for use by Community Researchers for Investigations of Barriers to Black Health, (co-investigator) with Garry Rolison, for the North County African American Health Coalition & Vista Community Clinic.


2007     “Untitled,” Inaugural edition, San Diego Poetry Annual.2007.

               A woman is ironed between these lines

            She presses past this page and leans into the margin

            Her hands folded over the edge of this paper

            Where she disappears

2005    “The Sun Rose Again,” in Sunshine/Noir, City Works Press, San Diego.

The sun rose again, sent shimmers across waves

That crested and washed the debris of shells and bottles

And old beach gear upon the sand

Spread flat and damp below treacherous

Cliffs that chip in chunks, send squirrels flying

Mansion dwellers shooting concrete pilings

Down to solid ground 8 stories below homes

Look down across the beach and out to the pacific

Lean into wind and away from the highway

Where tourists and valley visitors, surfers and muscled cyclists,

Old men with dogs, power walkers goose stepping to cds,

Runners indecent in open flapped trunks

Stream in both directions

Past cafes and coffee shops, thrift stores and boutiques,

Restaurants with patios open to splashing waves and seagulls

Where clerks and waitresses snub the clientele to show

How little they need them and their money, spent freely

While Mexican busboys and gardeners and maids keep

It all clean for such little money they live

Crowded in two bedroom duplexes, spilling out into driveways

Crammed with fix it yourself cuz you don’t have the money

And make it yourself cuz you don’t have the money projects

Neighborhoods packed and temporary between mansions

Springing up stucco and spreading high and wide for

Panoramic ocean views

In a place where some people just don’t see each other

See each other, see each other

Even in the democracy of grocery store lines where

Inequality lies in the gaze and hello shared or not and with whom

Even clerks save smiles and little “what a day I’ve had” gossip

For people who speak English, haven’t bothered to learn or won’t

Use a little como esta ustedes? And que bonita la niña!

Or meet the open dark eyes with a smile,

These are not “beach people,” (who were always black and brown)

Those are designated by bleached blond hair and skin that reddens and

Cracks in the sun, these are those others who live on other streets in

Crowded homes, whose women walk clusters of children, hands linked

To school and from school, pushing a stroller with old wobbly tires,

Wearing slippers and scarves and shawls, their bodies covered

Contrast to the business suits and tennis outfits of soccer moms.

These are not the children who come to the park to play, or

Spend the night with friends, or gossip on the computer chat line.

They will meet later in my college classroom and they still will not speak

Or smile, will not choose any other for group projects,

For life will stay strangers under the same shimmering sun, lives

Eroding and chipping away in chunks, spilling down the cliff to the ocean floor.