Robert E. L. Roberts, Ph.D.

Professor of Sociology
CSU, San Marcos, San Marcos, California, USA
Telephone: (760) 750-4148

I joined the Sociology Department in the Fall of 1992. Prior to coming to CSUSM, I held a joint research faculty position in Sociology and Gerontology at the University of Southern California. My areas of specialization are social theory and systems of thought, lifespan social psychology, and research methods. I currently have three primary research interests. The first concerns connections between the quality of intergenerational relationships and psychological development over the life course. The second examines the social correlates of consciousness.  The third addresses the efficacy of programs that aim to reduce criminal recidivism and long-term incarceration rates in California.

My recent publications include:

An Economic Analysis of the In-Prison Therapeutic Community Model on Prison Management Costs.  Sheldon Zhang and Katherine McCollister, Co-Authors.  Forthcoming.  Journal of Criminal Justice.

Therapeutic Community in a California Prison: Treatment Outcomes after Five Years. Sheldon Zhang and Katherine McCollister, Co-Authors. Forthcoming.  Crime and Delinquency..

The Cost Benefits of Providing Community-Based Correctional Services--An Evaluation of a Statewide Parole Program in California. Sheldon Zhang and Valerie Callanan, Co-Authors.  2006.  Journal of Criminal Justice.

Preventing Parolees from Returning to Prison—Community-Based Reintegration.  Sheldon Zhang and Valerie Callanan, Co-Authors.   2006.  Crime and Delinquency.

An Evaluation of the California Preventing Parolee Crime Program. Report to the California Legislature.  Sheldon Zhang and Valerie Callanan, Co-Authors.  2004.  San Marcos, CA: California State University San Marcos.

How Families Still Matter: A Longitudinal Study of Youth in Two Generations.  Vern L. Bengtson and Timothy Biblarz, Co-Authors.  2002. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.