Each student majoring in sociology must also choose a concentration area in which to pursue more focused instruction around a key social issue or set of issues.  The Sociology major offers four different area concentrations. Concentrations require 15-16 units. Additionally, students may choose to follow a general sociology course of study, which is designated as the "Standard Concentration.”

  • Aging and the Life Course
  • Children, Youth, and Families
  • Critical Race Studies
  • Health, Education, and Welfare
  • Standard Concentration

Standard Concentration

The Standard Concentration offers the greatest flexibility to students to construct a course of study that reflects their individual interests.  As with all of the other concentrations, students must complete 15-16 units of upper division courses (outside of the core requirements) to complete the Standard Concentration.  Of these 15-16 units, eight (8) units must be completed at the 400-level.  The distinguishing feature of the Standard Concentration is that students may choose which 300- and 400-level elective courses to use to satisfy the foregoing requirements.  Please note that these requirements apply to students governed by the 2008-2010 university catalog.  Students who are governed by earlier catalogs should consult the requirements that apply to those catalogs. 

For more information please see the University Catalog.