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Program Features

  • Students in our program are able to interact with some of San Diego Theatre's leading professionals through internships, juries, and panels.
  • Students receive a great deal of individual attention doing plays that range from classical to contemporary and original or devised work. 
  • One-on-one class instruction gives students individual coaching on everything from specific theatrical styles to pursuing a career in the theatre.
  • Supplemental classes give the students opportunity to develop skills in voice, movement, mask, etc.
  • Students have the opportunity to perform in campus productions of plays and musicals ranging from classical to contemporary, as well as original/devised work including Spanish and bilingual formats.
  • Students have the opportunity to produce independent work including student capstone productions that are fully run by students and other independent student projects, including student and occasional professional opportunities. 
  • We wish to attract students interested in preparing for graduate school and pursuing professional careers to work as actors or teachers, and to work in other media, including television.