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Why choose CSUSM?

At California State University at San Marcos' College of Science and Mathematics, students can be more than just one thing –they can be anything.  For students to have the most opportunities, they must do science and math – as well as study them.  And that's what CSUSM has to offer - the chance to get your hands dirty in science.

Our faculty constantly promotes undergraduate research experience and a multidisciplinary approach. We include computer science in all natural science curricula whenever possible. And it's not unusual to find faculty and students from two departments – like chemistry and physics, as an example – working together on joint projects. Our philosophy is the more you learn about how to apply and use all of the sciences, the stronger you’ll be in the major area you choose.

What Makes CSUSM's College of Science and Mathematics Different

Getting Your Hands Dirty in Science Will Get you Where You Want to Go