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Dr. Suzanne Hizer

(760) 750-7328

My primary role is in the development of a comprehensive STEM tutoring program here on the CSUSM campus. I serve as a liaison between faculty, administrators, and the student tutors. As overall coordinator, I direct all phases of the program including; identifying courses suitable for support, hiring and training student staff, budget design and analysis, provide written materials including training manuals and program descriptions, and identify and secure campus resources. 


Noelle Manzanilla

(760) 410-4453

The STEM Tutoring and SI Programs were awarded host site status for AY 17-18 for the CSU STEM VISTA program out of the Chancellor's CSU Center for Community Engagement. This program advances the CSU’s commitment to inclusivity, equity and student success in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). The CSU STEM VISTA program builds the capacity of VISTA members and host site supervisors as leaders to foster cultural and systemic change in STEM at the college/department/program and institutional level.

As a VISTA member, I will be working to enhance and expand the programming of the STEM tutoring and Supplemental Instruction Programs. New programming will be designed to increase the retention of STEM majors, especially from historically under-represented groups. We hope to accomplish this by deepening our connections to other academic resources around meaningful and impactful activities to reach our goals. A lens of inclusiveness and equity will be used in the creation of activities such as workshops to identify and clearly plan student’s academic and career goals, support course content readiness and mastery, and providing online resources for students who struggle to participate in activities that occur during the day. specialized projects to increase the persistence, of STEM majors.

STEM Tutors

  •  Noelle, STEM Vista Coordinator
  • Dornaz, Lead Tutor Chem/Phys/Bio
  • Alex, Lead Tutor Chem/Phys/Bio
  • Sarah, Lead Desk Tutor: Chem/Bio/Phys
  • Gentry, Desk Tutor: Bio
  • Shadi, Desk Tutor: Bio
  • Sam, Chem/Phys/Bio
  • Andrew, Bio
  • Omar, Chem
  • Kellen, Bio
  • Brendra, Chem
  • David, Computer Science
  • Taryn, Chem/Bio
  • Sasha, Phys/Math
  • Leticia, Computer Science
  • Steven, Phys
  • Gabrielle, Computer Science/Math/Physics
  • Josh, Chem
  • Shannon, Chem
  • Nick, Computer Science
  • Carly, Chem
  • George, Chem
  • Jasmin, Bio
  • John, Bio
  • Malcolm, Computer Science/Math/Phys
  • Michelle, Bio/Phys/Chem
  • Shane, Computer Science
  • Nate, Bio
  • Arpita, Bio
  • Jenni, Bio/Chem/Phys
  • Nasiha, Bio/Chem
  • Nikhil, Bio/Chem
  • Daniel, Chem
  • Connor, Chem/Math/Phys
  • Dillon, Bio/Chem
  • Jack, Computer Science
  • James, Phys
  • Jenny T, Chem
  • Thuy, Chem/Math
  • Hannah, Chen/Bio
  • Jenny V, Chem
  • Alejandro, Phys