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Quad & UVA Support

CSUSM provides a wide-variety of computer support services to all Quad and UVA students, from answering general IT related questions, to diagnosing/fixing virus and spyware infections, to troubleshooting general computer slowness/sluggishness, we’re here to help YOU.

Having trouble getting your device on the campus network? Whether it is your laptop, game console, Blu-ray player or other network enabled device, we can have it authenticated and online within 24-48hrs (depending on the device).

During the semester, you can find us every Tuesday at The Quad front desk from 1pm-4pm, as well as every Wednesday at The UVA front desk from 1pm-4pm.

Connecting to the Campus Network from the UVA

Students at the UVA can use the wireless network for their computer needs.  Here's information about it.

Student Telephone Services

Telephone Service in student housing is no longer provided.  Please contact the student housing office for special needs at 760 750-3711.

CSU San Marcos students are also eligible for discounts on cellular monthly service from some carriers. Please check with your provider.