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Mac OS X

Connecting to the csusm-students network in Mac OSX

Verifying That Your Airport is Turned On

Look for the Airport Status icon in your computer’s menu bar. If your AirPort card is turned off the icon looks like a white fan shape:

Mac Menu Bar
Click the icon and select Turn Airport On.

Mac Wi-Fi
The icon changes to a series of arched bars:

Wi-Fi arched bars

Connecting to the csusm-students Network

Click the Airport Status icon in the upper-right corner of your screen and select the Wi-Fi network csusm-students.

Login to csusm-students
Enter your campus username and password and click Join.

Wi-Fi login screen
You will be prompted to accept the certificate from the CSUSM authentication server. Click Show Certificate to view the details.

Mac Wi-Fi certificate

Confirm that the server listed is, that it is issued by InCommon Server CA, and that the certificate is valid. If so, click Continue.

Mac Network Verify Certificate

Note: In general, you need to be very careful about accepting certificates with errors. When you get these warnings, we encourage you to ask questions and take the time to verify that the certificate is valid. People who steal data are successful in part because users tend to just click on the “Accept” button without reading the details!

You will be prompted to enter your Mac’s local account in order to make changes to your computer. Enter the username and password for your Mac (not your campus username/password) and click Update Settings.

Mac Wi-Fi network user login

You should now be connected to the csusm-students wireless network.

If you are having problems connecting to the network or need assistance please contact the  Student Technology Help Desk at 760-750-6505 or