Student Affairs Leadership Team (SALT)

Name Title Department Leadership Team
Lorena Meza Vice President Student Affairs Senior Manager & SALT
Bridget Blanshan Associate Vice President Student Engagement & Equity and Title IX Senior Manager & SALT
Scott Hagg Associate Vice President Enrollment Management Services Senior Manager & SALT
Kim Clark Executive Director University Corporation Senior Manager & SALT
Rodger D'Andreas Executive Director Associated Students, Inc. Senior Manager & SALT
Justin Lewis Director of Resources and Operations Student Affairs SALT
Alan Brian Assistant to the Vice President for Strategic Planning and Assessment Student Affairs SALT
Derek Trent Director University Village Apartments SALT
Leslie Nevins   Associate Director Student Life & Leadership UVA   SALT
Andres Favela Director Undergraduate Advising Services & EOP SALT
Lia Mauga Director Outreach Admissions Recruitment SALT
Geoffrey Gilmore Director Centers for Learning and Academic Support Services SALT
Scott Kirby Associate Director Field House and Union Operations SALT
Jim Mickelson   Director   ACE Scholars Services SALT
David McMartin Sr. Associate Director Undergraduate Advising Services SALT
Karen Nicholson Director Student Health & Counseling Services SALT
Heather Northway Director Student Support Services SALT
Dilcie Perez Dean of Students Student Development Services SALT
Jason Schreiber Director Student Life & Leadership SALT
Sara Quinn Director Clarke Field House/University Student Union SALT
John Segoria Director Disabled Student Services SALT
Jeffrey Harlig Sr. Associate Director Writing Center SALT
Thomas Swanger Registrar Enrollment Management Services SALT
Carol McAllister Director Admissions and Recruitment SALT
Vonda Garcia Director   Financial Aid & Scholarships   SALT
Pamela Wells Director Career Center


Jay Robertson-Howell Interim Associate Director Student Health & Counseling Services SALT