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Staff Professional Development Program

Cal State San Marcos

Student Affairs Professional Development Plan Assessment Tools and Process

In order to assist each member of the Student Affairs team in developing a productive Professional Development Plan, each staff member in the Division will be asked to conduct their own Professional Development Plan Assessment.  This process will be slightly different for staff members and for managers.

Staff Members:

  1. Non-MPP/non-supervising staff members will fill out a Professional Development Plan Assessment Tool – Self Assessment.
  2. Staff members will ask their supervisor to fill out a Professional Development Plan Assessment Tool – Supervisor Assessment.
  3. Staff members will ask several peers to fill out a Professional Development Plan Assessment Tool – Peer Assessment.  In order to maintain anonymity, these forms can be submitted to a third party.
  4. The staff member should review results from the Self-Assessment, Supervisor Assessment, and Peer Assessments with their Supervisor and use the results to create a Professional Development Plan.  The Cal State San Marcos Professional Development Plan Form can be used for this purpose, or a new form can be created.

By having each employee coordinate their own forms distribution, collection and review, the employee will need to take ownership and also feel a sense of control over the feedback they are receiving.  Also, this will lessen the need for central coordination of form distribution and collection out of the Vice President’s Office.

Once the employee and their supervisor have met to discuss the data contained in all of the Professional Development Assessment Tools, the employee and their supervisor should prioritize the areas to be developed in the current fiscal year, next year, etc.  The employee and their supervisor can also look at the menu of Professional Development opportunities available via the Student Affairs Professional Development Program and decide what workshops and seminars to target to achieve the desired learning outcomes.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Alan Brian at 760-750-3311 |