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Dr. Dilcie Perez Farewell Reception

Student Affairs hosted a Farewell for our Dean of Students, Dr. Dilcie Perez, on September 19, 2016. It was a bitter sweet farewell as we celebrated her new endeavor and acknowledged her campus contributions.  Dr. Perez will begin a new experience at Miracosta Community College as Dean of Student Life & Judicial Affairs. Congratulations to Dean Perez, we will miss you, but know that we will form even stronger ties with Miracosta!

Dilcie with Mikey
The President and Patricia Reily
Jim Mickelson and group

Justin Lewis and Dilcie
Lorena Checa and Bridget Blanshan
Gift from Student Affairs

DOS Speech
Dr. Nicholson
Dilcie and group

Graham Oberem
DOS gift
Dilcie Perez

Dean of Students
Group Photo
Group photo

Presidents Speech
Jason Schreiber
Dr. Nicholson