August 2009 - May 2010 (Available during the Academic Year only)

These guidelines are to inform students about the procedures and processes required to request Student Development funds for assistance to attend professional development activities.

It is highly recommended that you come into the Student Affairs Office (CRA 3600) to discuss your desire for funding in person to appropriately explain the paperwork needed.

It is neccessary to print or come into collect and fill out all of the appropriate forms, as well as bringing in the written request and supporting documentation explained in detail below.

It is the hope of the university that students will use this resource to explore opportunities to extend their learning experiences and better prepare themselves for the careers and professions they have chosen. The purpose of these funds is to supplement other funding sources that have been identified by students. These funds are only available during the academic year.

Limited funds are available on a first come, first served basis from the beginning of fall semester through May 2010 from the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs to assist students in attending professional meetings, conferences, and similar development opportunities. A student must be currently enrolled at the time of application as well as during the period of travel.

Only travel requests for events within the United States can be considered. Maximum awards are listed below and are based on items such as: event location, cost, number of students requesting assistance and the availability of funds.


 In-State Event  Out-of-State Event  International Travel
 $200/student  $300/student  None

Please note that these are the maximum award levels and that an award may be approved for an amount less than the maximum. Only one request per student will be funded in a given academic year on a funds-available basis.

Last day to submit requests for academic year 2009/2010 is April 15, 2010. This deadline encompasses a one-month processing time period required for requests submitted for events to be held on or before May 15, 2010.

Submitting a Request

A.  A one or two-page written request submitted by each student and must include the following:

  1. Name, address, phone number, and student ID number 
  2. Description of event (Focus/Topic, location, dates of travel, and method of travel) with an explanation of how the event will assist your continued development.
  3. Itemized event budget (include registration fees, travel, lodging, etc.) 
  4. List of other funding sources and amounts expected. 
  5. Amount requested. 
  6. Copy of event brochure

B.  A supporting letter is required from a faculty or staff member explaining how the event will assist the student's development.  This endorsement must come from a faculty or staff member related to the event, for example; a request to attend a psychological conference should be supported by a member of the Psychology department.

C.  The following CSUSM Student Travel forms must accompany each request.  Signatures of the applicant and, if required on the form, the supporting staff or faculty member and the department chair must be present. You may also come to CRA 3600 and pick up the forms from us, some explanation may be required.

Please fill out the Student Affairs Travel Forms (print on blue paper if possible), included you will find:

  1. Student Air/Ground Transportation Release (Signed by Vice President, No Student Signature Required)
  2. Request for Student Travel Approval and Funding 
  3. Release of Liability, Promise Not to Sue, Assumption of Risk, & Agreement to Pay Claims
  4. Student Private Auto & Medical Confirmation
    1. Copy of valid driver's license, proof of current automobile insurance, and copy of medical insurance card required. 
    2. A current Defensive Driver Training certificate received through Public Safety PRIOR to travel 
    3. If student plans to drive and will transport other students, a Volunteer Application must be submitted to the Human Resources and equal Opportunities department prior to travel.
  5. CSUSM Student Conduct Agreement

If any of the above information requested is missing, the request is considered incomplete and will not be processed until all information required is present. Deadline requirements still apply.

Please be aware that Vice President for Student Affairs approval for travel and liability requirements must be completed before the event. University risk management guidelines prohibit granting any reimbursement involving travel when the request has been received after the event has taken place. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.


A.  The completed request must be submitted to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs one month before the event. Please be aware that this office does not process advance payment of fees or related expenses. The student will be reimbursed for all travel expenses for receipts submitted up to the awarded amount.  Liability factors are examined carefully, therefore; we cannot process a request that is submitted less than 20 working days before the event.

  1. If the Vice President's office has questions about the request, the office will contact the student for more information.
  2. The student will be notified by memo from the Vice President within 10 working days after submitting a request, unless notified by the office that the review may be delayed.

B. If the student receives an approval memo from the Vice President, the student must make sure that all university liability requirements are complete two weeks before leaving for the event.  The approval memo will also include this deadline:

  1. Departments within Student Affairs that are sponsoring student development requests should be prepared to oversee and assist the student(s) in processing liability forms and dispensing information required through their offices.
  2. For other students who have received written approval, the Vice President for Student Affairs office will complete university liability requirements. At least two weeks prior to leaving for the event each student must call the Vice President's office at (760) 750-4925 to schedule an appointment. If the two-week period prior to the event has passed and the student has not completed the liability requirements, the approval is cancelled and no reimbursement can be claimed.

C. The student must submit all applicable receipts for completion of travel forms within 10 working days following the event. The student's signature is required on travel claims to complete the process:

  1. Proof of attendance is required. Requirement can be met by bringing a name tag or agenda from the event.
  2. Receipt for registration from the event is required. Be sure to ask for one.
  3. If unsure of what expenses can be reimbursed, please ask.  Possible examples are:  conference registration, hotel with room tax (only), airline tickets, and car rental, however; CSUSM does not reimburse for gas.
  4. If another department within Student Affairs initiated the student request and processed travel, turn in receipts to that department.
  5. For travel and liability processed through the Vice President for Student Affairs office, turn in receipts there.
  6. Travel claims for 2009/2010 must be completed by May 15, 2010.  No exceptions.

Failure to complete an outstanding travel claim will result in an administrative hold placed on student records until the travel claim is completed. Questions regarding these procedures can be answered by calling (760) 750-4925.

cc: Division Resource Analyst, Student Affairs

Student Affairs
Craven Hall 3600
PHONE: 760-750-4056
FAX: 760-750-3387