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Student Research Competition

CSUSM 16th Annual
Student Research Competition

About the competition.Each spring the California State University hosts the CSU Student Research Competition at one of its 23 campuses. The purpose is to promote excellence in undergraduate and graduate scholarly research and creative activity by recognizing outstanding student accomplishments. Each campus holds its own competition to select a group of student researchers to send to the statewide competition. Finalists in the campus competition will receive cash awards and travel to the Statewide Competition in late April/early May. Finalist in the Statewide Competition receive certificates of recognition and cash awards.

Who is eligible? Undergraduate or graduate students currently enrolled at Cal State San Marcos are eligible, as well as graduates who received their degrees in spring, summer, or fall 2011. Presentations from all disciplines are invited.  Collaborative/team entries are accepted.

How does the competition work? Students submit a five-page narrative (double-spaced, 12 pt font), which may be accompanied by up to 3 pages of appendices (bibliography, graphs, photographs, or other supplementary materials).  These students are then scheduled to deliver a 10 minute oral presentation approximately two weeks later. Entrants may use audiovisual materials as appropriate, and presenters are encouraged to use delivery techniques that promote interaction with the audience. Entrants in the Creative Arts and Design category may present an audio and/or visual record of a performance they have given or a work they have created; their oral presentation should focus on the rationale and historical context underlying their interpretation of the material.

The paper and oral presentation are evaluated by faculty judges based on the following criteria set up by the CSU:

  • clarity of purpose 15%
  • appropriateness of methodology 15%
  • interpretation of results 15%
  • value of the research or creative activity 15%
  • ability of the presenter to articulate the research or creative activity 15%
  • organization of the material presented 15%
  • the presenter's ability to handle questions from the jury and the general audience  10%

Top ranked students qualify to go on to the CSU state-wide competition.

The Student Research Competition is organized by the Office of Graduate Studies and Research and the Student Affairs Committee of the Academic Senate. For more information, contact the Office of Graduate Studies and Research, 760-750-4066 ( )

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