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Sustainability Club

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The Sustainability Club works to educate the campus community on what it means to be sustainable and how to make sustainable choices. To help get the community to commit to more sustainable lifestyles, a campus presence is held through: tabling at university events, creating campus events, adopting campaigns to spread awareness, and taking on sustainability projects.

For more information or to get involved email the Sustainability Club or check out our page at the Student Life and Leadership

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Campus-Wide Sustainability Advisory Committee

If you are interested in participating in the Sustainability Advisory Committee, please contact Juliana Goodlaw-Morris @ to find out meeting times and level of commitment. The Sustainability Advisory Committee are open to all students, staff and faculty. 


Passionate about sustainability?

Come volunteer with the Safety, Risk and Sustainability Office!

We will help you develop a project that works towards creating a culture of sustainability on campus. 

Stop by the SRS office @ Craven 4700 or contact Juliana Goodlaw-Morris, Sustainability Manager at to learn more.

Students volunteering for clean up event

What is your Ecological Footprint?

  • Have you ever looked at your Ecological footprint?
  • How about your water footprint?
  • Do you know how many earths you need to fulfill your current life style?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, consider taking the quiz challenge below to find out how much energy and water you are consuming. Then take action to reduce your footprint!