A  large proportion of the trash on campus is composed of paper beverage containers ... many of them disposable paper coffee cups.

In order to reduce waste on campus-both trash and recyclable, we offer commuter and desk mugs for sale on campus stores.  We have attractive, sturdy blue commuter mugs, green desk mugs and traditional ceramic mugs upon request.

Use or refill your mug at any coffee shop on campus and receive a discount. Meanwhile, you'll be working to save a tree in the process.

mug Cal State San Marcos also recycles coffee grounds in partnership with Starbucks and our landscape contractor, over five tons of coffee grounds annually are collected and spread out as a soil amendment on sites all over campus.  In this way, we not only enrich the soil but divert substantial weight  from the waste stream.

Our "Blue Mugs" come with non-spill lids and are Library safe.