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Authorization Code

Phone Authorization Codes

Authorization codes are issued to individuals only.  Individuals are responsible for all calls made with their code, so it is not recommended that you share your code.  There are some authorization codes issued to Directors or Managers which are designated for student use. 

Authorization Code Not Working

Some authorization codes are restricted to California.  Unless requested otherwise by a budget manager, Adjunct faculty are usually restricted to California, Facutly are unrestricted, and Staff are restricted to the USA.  Certain Telephone Services staff members have the ability to verify what type of authorization code you have been issued.  Ocassionally, an employee will be using an incorrect authorization code.  Again, certain Telephone Services staff members will be able to assist you in verifying your authorization code.

Lost/Misplaced Authorization Code

If an employee suspects that someone else has found or been using their authorization code, they should contact Telephone Services immediately to have it shut off and have new one issued to them.  If the authorization code is lost but it is not suspected that someone else may find and use it, Telephone Services can reprint and deliver a confidential packet with the employee's same authorization code.

Forgot Authorization Code

If an employee forgets their authorization code, but does not suspect that someone else has or will find it, Telephone Services can reprint it and deliver a confidential packet with the employee's same authorization code to them.  An employee can also choose to pick it up in Telephone Services and should be prepared to show their ID.