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Phone Troubleshooting

Why does my Call Forward Light Stay on?

Your forward light may stay on if you have the appearance of another individual's line that is forwarded. You can still make and receive phone calls on your own line. You should see the word FORWARD in your display if your phone is forwarded. If your display says FORWARD and your phone is not forwarded, contact, x4530.  We may be able to remove the word FORWARD so you can easily determine if your line is forwarded or if another line is forwarded.

My Phone is not Ringing

Adjust the ringer volume dial on the left side of the phone while the phone is ringing.  There are two dials on the left side -- volume and tone.  Adjust the dial with a picture of the bell.  The slider on the right side adjusts the speaker volume.

My Phone says Do Not Disturb

This occurs when *6 is dialed.  Do Not Disturb stops all ringing on the phone.  To deactivate this feature, press #6. *69 is not a feature available on these phones.