Advanced CEQA Workshop: Going Beyond the Basics

The Advanced CEQA Workshop is designed for CEQA practitioners, including agency employees, consultants, state/local government, and non-governmental organizations. The purpose of this intensive one-day course is to help bring you up to date on the latest trends in CEQA, revisions and updates to the process, and latest guidance from our legislature, agencies, and courts. This year’s CEQA course will cover principal legislative changes, new case law and court decisions, and advanced industry standards of practice, all provided by experts in CEQA law and environmental analysis/review.  This course will also address the new guidelines for “Infill Streamlining” adopted earlier this year by the California Natural Resources Agency.


Regular Rate                                            $ 188

ELA Alumni & Participants Rate:                   $ 125

College Student Rate:                               $   50

Date:                 TBD - Fall 2013

Time:                 8:30 am – 4 pm

Location:            CSUSM at Temecula

Instructor:        Matt Rahn, PhD, JD, Principal Scientist, Rahn Environmental
                       Consulting, Executive Director, Wildfire Research and Academic
                       Director of Environmental Sciences, SDSU