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Online American Express Application

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The American Express Government Card Application is for permanent employees on university business travel. Card is only to be used to pay travel expenses for the person it is issued to. Card cannot be used to pay for anyone else.

Follow these easy steps:


  1. Click on the American Express application web site and enter the following Access Key

  2. Follow the step-by-step instructions. The billing address is your home address. Address space will hold up to 15 characters. Please abbreviate if needed. Leave blank the 'Cost Center' and 'Universal Number'. Click "Submit".
  3. The application review comes up. Make any corrections and submit for processing.
  4. Confirmation screen appears with current date that your request has been successfully submitted. You may print this page for your records. Application is forwarded to Becky Henwood, Campus Program Manager. If you have any questions or concerns please call (760) 750-4442. For further assistance, email