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  1. Access on the internet.
  2. Click on “Corporate & Government Travel”. Click on “State of California”.
  3. Under Department Name, use the pull down menu and highlight CSU San Marcos.
  4. Now complete all requested information.
  5. Under Reservation Type, indicate whether this is a new reservation, a change in an existing reservation, or a cancellation of a reservation.
  6. Under Airline Reservation, fill in your preferred itinerary with dates and departure times. If you know the exact flight number you want, indicate it in the box “Special Requests” immediately after “Desired Departure Time”. If you want a nonrefundable fare, indicate that in the “Special requests” box. Otherwise, Giselle’s will look for the State contracted carrier and rates.
  7. The Comments Box is free form….feel free to write a note to the agent with any special requests, i.e. I am flying with James Wilson. Please secure our seats together.
  8. Under Car Rental, if you need a special vehicle, i.e. a van or a 4-wheel drive, use the comment box to indicate that.
  9. Under Hotel Reservations, list your choices in order of preference. If you do not know the area and have no knowledge of where you want to stay, use the comment box to instruct the Giselle’s agent to find a property and government rate in the area where you will be conducting business. Give the address you wish to be close to.
  10. Under Credit Card Information, the default selection will be to charge your airline tickets to your agency’s centrally billed account. If you do not have a TO#, click option 2 and the ant tickets will be billed to the personal credit card in your profile.


If you are booking travel for same day departure, or if you are booking travel after 6pm for a next day departure, please do not use this form. Call Giselle’s Travel at 916 922-0330 or 800 523-0100.