Helpful Links for International Travel

CSUSM will follow the Chancellor's Policy regarding International travel. Please allow 60 days from the beginning of the approval process to be sure your request can be met in time. It is imperative that you obtain International Travel Insurance, which is paid for by the CSU; BEFORE you begin the approval process. Due to safety issues around the world, your request MAY have to go all the way to the Chancellor for appropriate authorization.

For Information pretaining to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) information on current travel warnings please check out our News Center

In order to make the claim process a little simpler, you may claim "Federal Per Diem" for both your lodging and/or your meals. This allows you to forego the receipt requirement if you choose. Your other option is to claim what your actual costs are for these two expenses, but receipts WILL be required and you may not go over the Federal Per Diem limits, unless approval is granted.

When processing your claim and making the conversions, please print each day's conversion chart for those days expenses and attach them to your claim for audit purposes. can provide you with historical data.

  • Travelers to foreign destinations will receive a fixed amount per diem for lodging, meals and incidentals in accordance with the Federal Maximum Travel Per Diem. Allowance for Foreign Areas published by the U.S. Department of Defense and may be found at:


  • International travel insurance is REQUIRED and must be purchased in advance of your trip. The amount of this policy will be covered by the CSU. Please see the Risk Management website for detailed information.