US Bank Travel Visa Cards

 CSUSM has made the transition from American Express travel cards to US Bank Visa travel cards. This memo outlines some of the initial important information you must know. 

It is the intent of CSUSM to continue to provide employees who travel for business, an effective tool for managing business travel expenses. This has proven to be a very successful program and the Travel Desk highly encourages the use of this Visa travel card for business related expenditures. It continues to allow the card holder to pay for travel without incurring “out of pocket" expenses. 

All of the University American Express travel cards have been canceled and are no longer funtional. You should have 30 days from the date of cancelation (April 11th) to bring the balance to zero.  The Travel Desk will work with you to clear any remaining travel claims that you may have outstanding.

Application information for the US Bank Visa travel card is accessible through a link on the Travel website. The request for credit will NOT hit your credit report or history. Once you complete the online process your application will come to an AP Administrator for final approval. Please use your home address as the mailing address, and your employee ID #. You will also be asked for your social security # but no one on campus will see it. By the time it reaches the Accounts Payable Administrators it will be truncated.

The US Bank Visa travel card is very similar to the current travel card. The Visa card is also a "personal liability card" which means you will be responsible to make the payments just as you did with the University American Express travel card.  It will identify you as a State employee traveling on University business, which could provide you with State benefits such as lower hotel rates.

Website: Please print this page so you can more easily follow the application instructions and login prompts below. Once you click on the usbank link below, you will be redirected.

Cardholder Log-In Information

Organization Short Name: CSUCA

User ID: CardApplication

Password: Contact the Travel Desk at to retrieve password.


Special Instructions while completing your application: After completing the first page, Click on Account Administration/Create Cardholder Account/Select "Corporate Card 3046"/Standard Traveler/Identification is your EmplID#/Mailing Address is your HOME address/Email address is your WORK email. After completing the application, please click FILE FOR LATER