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Cougar Spotlight: Natalie Jarmon

Natalie Jarmon

February 22, 2016

By Jasmine Demers, Tukwut Life Marketing Assistant

Natalie Jarmon is a first year pre-nursing major from Temecula, CA who is excited and ready to see what else CSUSM has in store for her.

Natalie has found a second home in CSUSM and, as a member of the Black Student Union, she says that she has been able to build new meaningful relationships that have greatly impacted her.

What is your favorite part of being a student at CSUSM so far?

My favorite part about CSUSM is the size of our campus. It's a smaller, more intimate community compared to other CSU’s, which is great because it means that classes are smaller and easier to engage in. Smaller classes mean that professors have less students, so it's easier to build those much needed relationships.

Why did you decide to join the Black Student Union and in what ways has this student organization influenced you?

Originally, I wasn't going to join BSU. My high school never had one because there weren't very many black students and I didn't expect to have one here at CSUSM. When I went to the student organization fair last semester, a few of the officers introduced themselves to me and told me that I should join BSU. They explained some of the things that they did as an organization, and it sounded like a lot of fun so I decided to go to one of their meetings. I ended up loving it and became an official member. Being in BSU has taught me a lot about the black community and the things that happen within it, which I don’t think I would have known otherwise. Within the organization I have been able to meet people who have had the same experiences as I have had.

How has creating those relationships impacted you?

Coming from a town with a limited black population made it difficult to be different because everyone was similar. I found that it was easier to just blend in rather than stand out, and in doing that, I really had to block out black culture. I learned that it actually wasn't easier. I was expected to be this "stereotypical black person" and when people found out I wasn't, I was considered "not black." Creating those relationships in BSU has made me realize that I wasn’t alone in those feelings and gave me people to talk to who could also relate to my experiences.

In moving forward in your college career, what things are you most excited for? What are you most nervous for?

As I move forward in my college career, I'm most nervous about getting into the nursing program here. It's very competitive, but I think that if I work hard to the best of my ability, I can get in. I'm excited about meeting new people, making friends and getting to see and be apart of the growth of BSU.  

What are your future goals?

For my future goals, I hope to become a nurse and continue doing the things I love. I knew I wanted to be a nurse because I have always really enjoyed taking care of people and I was committed to eventually pursuing a career in the medical field. I really like interacting with people and nurses get to do most of the patient care.