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UARSC Event & Catering Planning Guidelines

CSUSM Catering Services
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Public Relations, General

 Does the expenditure…

  • support and promote the mission of the University?
  • establish relationships with educational and surrounding communities to foster public understanding and goodwill?

 For more details, please review UARSC's Public Relations Funds Policy.  The categories below should also follow the guidelines listed above.

Catering FAQ

On-campus events:
Off-campus events:
  • Does the facility / caterer require a contract? If so, the contract must be reviewed and initialed by the event coordinator, then forwarded to UARSC for review and approval prior to any deposits.
General guidelines:
  • Verify number of attendees. (Note: some facilities and caterers require a final head count prior to the event. If a final head count is not provided, they will proceed with original estimate, which may be higher than the final count. Consequently, your project will be charged for unnecessary quantities.)
  • Verify food and beverage choices and quantities.
  • Verify inclusion of utensils/serving arrangements, if necessary.
  • Is there a charge for the room or facility /equipment rental? Is it reasonable?
  • What is the service charge - and is a gratuity or tip expected over and above the service charge?
  • What is the cancellation policy?
  • Alcohol at an event? Follow the University's Procedure for Alcoholic Beverage Use on Campus.
  • PepsiCo is the Exclusive Beverage Provider on campus.  What beverages may I provide at my event?

Transportation (Groups)

  • Does the transportation company have a current insurance certificate on file at UARSC which names UARSC as “also insured?” Always verify with the UARSC office.

  • Will they accept a purchase order? If advance payment or deposit is necessary, will the company issue a refund if the rider count drops?

  • Verify number of riders.

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