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CSUSM Licensing and Trademarks 

Should you have any questions regarding the guidelines provided below, contact Office Coordinator at the UARSC Office at (760) 750-4718.  Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Feel free to leave a voicemail and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

Pepsi Cola Company and CSUSM Pouring Rights Agreement

The University currently has an exclusive pouring rights agreement with the Pepsi ‐Cola Company. Therefore only Pepsi Cola beverages may be marketed, promoted, sold or given away on the University campus (includes the Temecula campus), Contractor shall not sell, give away, or in any other manner promote or market beverages that are not Pepsi Cola products.

Using a CSUSM logo or word mark on a custom product

Many CSUSM alumni, fans, supporters, student and faculty groups and organizations wish to have custom quality products imprinted with official logos and word marks.  A program has been established to protect and promote CSUSM trademarks in a positive and accountable manner.  UARSC has been designated by the University to manage the use of CSUSM Logos and Marks.  The information compiled here will help guide you through the process. 

What is a Trademark?

All names and visual representations of CSUSM are considered its “trademarks” and are protected.  This includes all word marks, service marks, names, name variants, nicknames, logotypes, logos, insignia, shields, seals, designs, devices, or symbols that refer to CSUSM.  Also included are any words, phrases or images that imply association with the University.  

What is Licensing?

UARSC contracts with Licensing Resource Group (LRG) to perform licensing agreements with all vendors and individuals wishing to use CSUSM Logos and Marks.  CSUSM Logos and Marks may not be used without a License Agreement.  License agreements are granted on an annual basis.  LRG collects the administrative and licensing fees, checks for proper insurance, quality of vendors’ product and fair labor practices, and collects royalties.  While license agreements are required for both resale and not-for-sale products, royalties are only paid on items for resale.  100% of royalties generated through LRG are transferred to the campus. 

I want to use a campus logo or word mark – What now?

Should you wish to use the campus logo or name on products for resale, give-away, or for your group or organization, you must follow the instructions below. 

  • The first step is to submit an online quote request to the University Store at the Custom Gifts webpage (password is "bookstore").  The University Store has the first right of refusal for production of all CSUSM trademarked product, both emblamatic and non-emblamatic. (Allow 6-8 weeks for new order, 2 weeks for reorder.)  Should you have any questions or need additional help/suggestions creating a custom product, contact University Store Manager, by email or phone (760) 750-4731. 
  • Should the University Store decline to fulfill the order, an outside vendor may be used.  If your design/product is approved for use, but the University Store cannot fulfill or wishes not to fulfill the order, the organization or individual wishing to order the product must ensure the vendor they use is licensed to use the trademark.  All University Store vendors currently hold LRG licenses.   A real-time list of vendors that currently hold licenses for CSUSM trademarks is available on the LRG website.  If the chosen vendor is not licensed, they must contact Licensing Resource Group (LRG) at (616) 395-0676 to obtain a License Agreement prior to fulfilling any CSUSM product order.   
  • Art approval must be obtained before production or any use of CSUSM trademarks.  After a request for a custom quote has been submitted to the University Store online, submit artwork to University Store Manager (760-750-4731), to obtain approval of design/product using CSUSM Logos or Graphics.  Approvals for logo designs and graphics usage are made according to the CSUSM Office of Communications Logo Style Guide and Brand Standards.  
  • Submit art approval documentation (and if applicable, the LRG approved vendor documentation) with your Purchase Order to CSUSM or UARSC A/P, CRA 4600.   

Additional Information

A complete list of CSUSM trademarks 

CSUSM is affiliated with the Fair Labor Association (FLA)

Using the CSU Name

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