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UARSC Policies and Procedures

General Business
Human Resources
Risk Management
Sponsored Projects

General Business
 Administrative Cost Recovery
 Corporate Investment Policy
 Credit Card Payment Procedures
 Deposit Procedures
 Public Relations Funds Policy
 Records Retention Policy and Procedure
 Reserves Policy
 Travel Policy

Human Resources
 Conflict of Interest Policy - Board of Directors and Employees
 Employee Handbook
 Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)
 Injury & Illness Procedures
 Overload/Additional Employment Guidelines
 Performance Appraisal Policy and Procedures
 Project Director's Manual (Chapter 4)
 Regular Employee Hiring Procedure
 Separation Procedures
 Summary of Hiring Documents

 Computer Lease/Purchase Procedures
 Independent Contractor vs. Employee
 Office Depot Purchasing Guidelines
 Procedures for Purchase Orders, Check Requests & Petty Cash
 Procurement Policy
 Property Control Policy & Procedure

Risk Management
 Injury and Illness Prevention Program

Sponsored Projects
 Acadamic Affairs Protocol for Approving Special Requests     Involving External Grants
 Conflict of Interest Policy for DHHS/PHS/NIH Grants and
 Conflict of Interest Policy for Non-DHHS/PHS/NIH Grants and
 Cost Share Guidelines
 CSUSM Office of Research & Sponsored Projects Policies &
 Fellowship Proposal Procedure
 Policy on the Allocation of Facilities and Administrative Costs   (Indirect Costs)