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UARSC Recently Asked Questions 

What if I don’t like Pepsi? 

Students, faculty, staff, visitors, and others are welcome to bring competitive products on campus for personal consumption only.  They cannot be resold on campus. Students, faculty, staff, visitors, and others are also welcome to display competitor’s logos on personal property (clothing, vehicles, etc).

Who do I call if I have a problem with a vending machine? 

New green decals are located on each drink machine and include the following information:  Need a Refund?  (760) 750-4700; Need Restocking? (877) 772-7845; Need Service? (800) 587-3774. Call the appropriate number and provide the machine’s asset number located on each decal.

I’ve heard that Sodexo does not hire students.  Is this true? 

Sodexo does hire students.  Sodexo finds that students working with dining services on a part-time basis gives them a taste of the food service environment and could help guide them toward future culinary careers within the Sodexo organization.  Sodexo intends to hire students for dining services and catering positions as schedules and business needs allow.  Sodexo will continue to focus on their recruitment efforts on hiring students for dining and catering services at CSUSM.  They value the great contributions student workers bring to the operations with their skills, flexible schedules and commitment to the University community.

Where can I find out about CCF childcare scholarships for students? 

Visit the CCF Scholarship webpage  for more information.

How does the Higher Education Opportunity Act relate to textbooks?

The Act contains a specific provision on textbooks which requires publishers to provide faculty with the price of a book, copyright date history, substantial content revisions, and alternate formats, along with the prices of those alternates.  These things are required by the act to support the ability of faculty to make informed decisions about their course materials.  The Act also requires institutions, to the maximum extent possible, to disclose the cost of course materials to students via course schedules.  More information is available at

Why buy textbooks on campus? 

By purchasing through the CSUSM Bookstore, you have assurance of the right materials for your course – we have direct connection to your instructors.  Purchasing through the campus bookstore supports our campus student and academic programs.  You may use cash, check or credit card.  Experience immediate buyback on many texts.  The campus bookstore employs local residents on campus.  We are always looking for ways to make learning more affordable.  Buy new, used or digital books or take advantage of the Rent-A-Text program. 

Our team associates are available to provide expert advice and help you explore options.  Visit the Online Store from your computer or smartphone for the largest inventory of textbooks and get the same top-notch customer support as you would in the store.